Liquid Nitrogen Piping - Semiconductor Back End Testing

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  • Efficient supply of LN2 from bulk tank
  • Readily available supply of LN2 at use point
  • Clean & frost free operation in all conditions


Part of the back-end semiconductor manufacturing process involves putting individual chips through environmental testing. Often, liquid nitrogen is required to perform cold-shock and cold cycle tests at dozens of use points. Vacuum jacketed piping and the use of vapor vents ensure a constant supply of LN2 is maintained at multiple use points, with minimal losses. Due to the extreme cleanliness requirements in the semiconductor industry, liquid nitrogen piping must operate completely frost & moisture free under all conditions. Bayonet joints are designed to limit heat loss, and end traps allow frost free operation at use points, even while LN2 is readily available.


  • Modular piping and connections allow distribution to multiple use points, and possibility of re-configuration
  • Vapor vents help maintain liquid availability at use points
  • Vacuum jacketing across bayonet connections and components increase efficiency and clean operation
  • End traps provide frost-free connection points even when liquid is present


  • Clean, frost free cooling to extremely low temperatures
  • Variety of internal diameter piping to accommodate a range of flow rates
  • Modular and re-configurable
  • Years of experience as cryogenic experts