Liquid Nitrogen Dosing to Reduce Package Weight

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing to Reduce Package WeightVacuum Barrier’s complete line of liquid nitrogen injection equipment allows filling manufacturers to use less packaging materials by reducing package weight with one small dose of liquid nitrogen into the headspace. The pressurization of the package increases the strength and rigidity, eliminating paneling palletizing problems.

Filling manufacturers can also inert bottles and thin-wall cans in modified atmosphere applications to extend product shelf life, maintain product taste, color and freshness by reducing oxygen absorption. Because liquid nitrogen is inert there is no change to the product taste, which can be associated with chemical preservatives.

Vacuum Barrier’s liquid nitrogen dosing systems are designed to minimize how much liquid nitrogen is consumed with features such as; complete vacuum insulation, speed and dose compensation, continuously self-monitored for alarm conditions and no container no dose feature.

Optional features to the product line include Smartsync and 3-D technology (directional dose dispersion). Smartsync enables precise dose timing under all conditions by continuously monitoring the position and velocity of oncoming containers. 3-D Technology dosing blocks tailor the dose to the application to eliminate splash associated with shallow headspace in lightweight and hot fill beverages.

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