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What we do.

At Vacuum Barrier we design, engineer, and manufacture LN2 piping and dosing systems for various industries. We Investigate your unique application and provide a custom or standard LN2 solution to become your one-source for a complete system. Our commitment to delivering safe and defect-free products while achieving the highest customer satisfaction has allowed us to remain the leader in LN2 dosing and LN2 piping systems since 1958.

If you have an LN2 piping or dosing project you’d like to discuss with our expert team, please reach out today.

Industries we serve:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor Wafer Growth
  • MBE
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
  • Beer, Wine & Coffee
  • Cannabis Flower/Cannabis Beverage
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Rubber Deflasking
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Special Effects

Take your LN2 project to the next level.  Contact us to see how our team of seasoned professionals can provide a custom or standard solution to satisfy your application.

Food & Beverage

VBC LN2 dosing systems pressurize thin-wall packages adding necessary rigidity for handling and transport. The same systems reduce oxygen in packages to extend product shelf life.

Semiconductor & MBE

SEMIFLEX® vacuum jacketed pipe and vapor vents ensure a constant supply of LN2 is maintained to multiple use points with minimal losses. For Epitaxy applications, a combination of modulating inlet phase separator and Triax piping ensures sub-cooled, single-phase LN2 circulates through the shroud.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

SEMIFLEX®/Triax piping system delivers low-pressure LN2 critical for the cryogenic preservation of blood, reproductive cells, vaccines and other biological tissues and materials in storage freezers.

Beer, Wine & Coffee

VBC LN2 dosing systems are used in both beer and wine to purge oxygen from the headspace, preserving the flavor, aroma, and color. The same system nitrogenates beer and coffee to achieve the smooth, creamy cascade effect, with or without a widget.

Canned Wine

VBC LN2 dosing systems pressurize non or lightly carbonated beverages in cans to aid in transport and handling. Adding a drop of LN2 into the headspace provides the needed rigidity.


VBC LN2 dosing systems purge oxygen from the container to extend the shelf life of the active compounds in Cannabis.

Cannabis Beverage

VCB LN2 dosing systems pressurize lightweight PET bottles or cans for transport and handling. After filling, adding a drop of LN2 to the headspace adds the needed rigidity.

Pouch/Flexible Packaging

VBC LN2 dosing systems add rigidity to pouch/flexible packages for handling and transport. The same system reduces residual oxygen to extend shelf life.

Cooking Oils

VCB LN2 dosing systems eliminate bottle paneling. Cooking oils absorb oxygen in the headspace, reducing the bottle’s internal pressure and leading to bottle paneling. Adding a drop of LN2 at capping offsets potential paneling.


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MBE liquid nitrogen circulation and multi-wafer systems

Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is an epitaxial deposition technique which consists of growing layers of atomically thin materials onto a substrate. The MBE process takes place inside an ultra-high vacuum chamber to make materials with high purity and precision. To achieve such low pressures, liquid nitrogen (LN₂) cryoshrouds are used to pump out residual gases.

Customer Service with Expertise and a Smile Sets Vacuum Barrier Apart

For more than 60 years, Vacuum Barrier Corporation (VBC) has been an industry leader in LN₂ dosing and piping systems; designing, engineering and fabricating systems for the food and beverage industries, such as bottled water, beer, wine and coffee; for semiconductor growth and testing; for pharmaceutical and biotech; and in the cannabis industry. VBC prides itself on investigating its clients’ unique applications and providing a custom solution, with a focus on being a one-stop source for complete, safe and defect-free LN₂ systems.

In focus…Liquid nitrogen dosing systems in food & beverages

As the world continues to move at an ever-faster pace and from an increasingly conscious mindset, the food and beverages business is having to adapt to even more demanding supply chains and environmental considerations. Many of the challenges here resides in the cold chain – whether it’s the long range logistics of transporting chilled or frozen food products from source to supermarkets or distribution hubs, or perhaps the growing world of shortrange food delivery services and prepared meals dropped at the doorstep. There are challenges too, however, in pressurisation and packaging. More specifically, the pressurisation of noncarbonated beverages and the precise packaging of products at risk of spoilage. These are vital considerations before foodstuffs even enter the cold chain.

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