Vacuum-jacketed dynamic and sealed cryogenic pipe delivers LN2 in two-phase condition. Our liquid/vapor phase separators deliver low-pressure single-phase LN2 to each use point for on-demand supply. Combining SEMIFLEX with Triax LN2 pipe eliminates two-phase flow to all use points.


Stainless SEMIFLEX liquid nitrogen pipe in both sealed and dynamic vacuum is constructed from stainless steel to provide the lowest cool down and steady state heat loss for superior thermal performance.

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CobraFlex liquid nitrogen hose available with a sealed vacuum is constructed from stainless steel with a highly flexible outer wrap.

Modulating Valve Phase Separator

Pneumatic Modulating Valve Separator with dynamic or sealed vacuum is available in two, four, and eight outlet options.

Sensor Control Phase Separator

Pneumatic Sensor Control Phase Separator with a sealed or dynamic vacuum is available with two outlet options.


NITROMATIC Dewar Fill station is designed to automatically fill a Dewar/tank with liquid nitrogen from a piping system or bulk tank.